Injet Vision

For over 20 years, EFS has specialized in injection flow measurement, with more than 1500 shot-to-shot flowmeters installed all over the world.This technique has enabled the development of diesel hdi and tdi motors, injector pumps, unit pumps and common rail equipment. Some of these devices are used for research and development in laboratory settings and over a thousand others are in use on production lines 24/7 throughout the year.
An EFS test bench can be used for flow rate measurement using the MIQ, IFR, EMI2 flow-meters for direct diesel or gasoline injection and the LPF for indirect gasoline injection or urea injection; spray visualization with the InjetVision system; power driving of all types of injector using the IPoD range of power drivers. EFS injection testing equipment guarantees the efficient running of pumps, rails, injectors, ECU (Engine Control Units) or MCM (Motor Control Modules). EFS also makes complete injection test benches, custom-designed to meet our clients' needs.

  • Injet visualization
  • High precise fast injection flow measurement
  • Complete test components for fuel injection
  • complete test benches for control and visualization of fuel injection

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