Rapid Compression Machine

Rapid Compression Machine
offers the possibility of detailed in-engine
investigations in spray development
and combustion processes.

The driving concept is based on two cylindrical and concentric driving pistons which move
in opposite directions. This concept guarantees a mass balanced motion
for any operating condition which allows a nearly totally vibration free operation.

The highly engineered low price alternative to comparable transparent motors

  • simulation of rotational speeds up to 3000 1/min
  • best possible simulation of the inner engine sequences* enclosing axial and collateral optical access to the combustion chamber
  • high compression pressure at small thermal loss
  • easy and fast conversion when geometry of cylinder head changes
  • intake in the cylinder head for injectors up to 19mm shaft diameter possible
  • maximum length of stroke 250 mm
  • high precision fast measurement system with free acquisition channels gives the possibilityto position the
  • piston to 0,01mm exactly = exact control of injection and ignition system
  • trigger output for e.g. laser measurement technics
  • multiple security functions avoid manual maloperation
  • monitoring and control nearly fully automated via microcontroller
  • setting of parameters and visualization by sophisticated PC software
  • optimized reproducability, also automized test series

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